Fruits and Vegetables

Organica Feed S.L. is a producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables. We have been in this market for more than 25 years. We deliver fruits and vegetables in season, out of season, “ready to eat”, exotic, delicious berries.



Pineapple the Golden Extra Sweet

Avocado HASS

Avocado Tropical




We deliver fruit and vegetables mainly from Spain, the Dominican Republic and Colombia, we have the necessary certificates for the production and export.


We have storage, refrigeration and packaging facilities for fruits and vegetables in Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. All packing and storage procedures for harvest are provided by a team of Organica Feed professionals, allowing us to maintain the high quality of fruits until the last link in the supply chain.


We can offer a wide range of packaging forms for our products. In addition to traditional packaging, we can pack according to customer needs.


The merchandise we deliver via air, sea and land depends on the product and the necessary delivery time.

Most of our products are also available in organic form. You can find more information in the ORGANIC PRODUCTS section